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We’ve lived in Polegate for almost 4 years and have always used Jade Garden. Up until recently we loved them although for the past few months every single time we have ordered either the food is cold, late or disgusting. Tonight in particular we have ordered chicken balls to start eating them to realise they are pink inside. Not only did they then tell us on the phone that they were not pink (not sure how they’d know what the look like inside but hey ho) they never apologised and instead asked u

Review by: Courtney       Submitted: 28/09/2017 20:19


We've lived in Eastbourne for over a year as were yet to find a really nice Chinese takeaway. We're real foodies and I love to cook. The food from here is by far the best we've tasted in a long time in our local area. Our dishes were very tasty and of good quality. Portions were generous, our food turned up in under 30 minutes and delivered with a smile. Can't fault it at all and this will be our regular takeaway from now on. Keep up the good work!

Review by: Kesog       Submitted: 10/05/2014 10:32


i made an order at 10pm and i was told it would be 30mins to 45mins for delivery, by 11pm i rang to see what was happening, they said it was on it's way, still nothing by 11.25, rang 2 more times and still no sign.I said that it had better not be cold and they assured me 3 times that it wont be cold. by 11.45 the driver turned up, and not to my surprise it was stone cold and the driver said it was still warm what a joke!and the price is a rip off, my advice is go to LEE'S GARDEN hampden park !!!

Review by: sam       Submitted: 01/08/2013 12:37

Jade Gardens

Food was great, customer service and delivery very friendly and portions good sizes. As long as they keep all this up I will deffinately be using them again and reccomend them confidently to others.

Review by: Lazycook       Submitted: 02/07/2011 22:58

excellent food excellent prices

we go to jade garden nearly every week because the food is excellent the staff very friendly and the prices are cheaper than most other chinese takeaways we have been to

Review by: simon and fay       Submitted: 18/09/2010 18:56
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