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Lovely Food Appalling Attitude !!

Ordered from Mr Hau's a few times b4,I had visitors so placed large order which came to £50+,I wanted to double check I had the right money,so called back,just to confirm,was told again it was just over £50,so got £ together,delivery was made,only to be told it was £60+ I told the lovely delivery girl it must be an error,she called Mr Hau's & passed the phone to me,I was told I was calling Mr Hau himself a liar !Del girl offered to give me the £10,but I gave it to her! Will never order again!!

Review by: Rude.Com       Submitted: 05/02/2015 17:10

Not Impressed

Ordered twice from here. First time the wrong delivery. Try again a few weeks later. Received a vegetable spring roll full of meat and a chicken curry consisting of onion and curry sauce. Having dared to complain about this I received a call from the owner telling me I was a "bad customer" and "a trouble maker". Despite being polite and calling the owner "sir" I was asked if I would like to be addressed by him as "master"!!! No! I just want you to get it right. Decent food - appalling attitude.

Review by: Not Impressed       Submitted: 03/03/2013 20:14

Money to burn

Average food for top prices. I can't see how they can justify it.

Review by: Flange       Submitted: 25/01/2013 18:40

Mr Hau's

Good quality of food with the only complaint being that they are expensive compared to other takeaways in the area. Worth a try if you haven't got one you like already - ask for the free prawn crackers as they don't always send them!

Review by: Marc & Gem       Submitted: 19/09/2010 17:14
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