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Happy Dragon Restaurant

I have been to the Happy Dragon on many many occasions & not once have I been disappointed. The food is excellent & so much to choose from. I find it astounding how they manage to serve the restaurant while taking telephone orders & dealing with takeaway trade all at the same time. I feel that from first coming in, being seated & making your first order, its around 15mins before your first course will arrive-which I don't find unacceptable. The staff are courteous & helpful-A big thumbs up 4me

Review by: RJ Farmery       Submitted: 18/01/2014 09:10


on arrival there was no record of our booking & we were left waiting for our main course for 45 mins only then to be told that the waiter who took the order had gone out on a takeaway delivery & never placed the order with the chef.we were offered complimentry drinks in the meantime & when our food finally arrived plain rice appeared instead of egg fried rice. we then ordered banana fritters which were uncooked.the service was appauling.this was supposed to a valentine treat.

Review by: richard jeremy       Submitted: 16/02/2013 17:07

Absolutely incredible

I went there with about 20 people for my aunties birthday, the food was great and was very quick from order to service, the workers were extremely nice people and I enjoyed myself a lot, I would certainly recommend it.

Review by: Drew g       Submitted: 27/01/2013 00:00

Big smiles

Fabulous and tasty yummmmmmmy

Review by: Sianie       Submitted: 08/07/2012 20:32

Very regular customer!

Have always had our chinese from Happy Dragon, and have often eaten in the restaurant.

Food quality is fantastic, I've never found tastier chinese/thai anywhere else.

All my friends and family order from Happy Dragon regularly and agree.

Only thing is - they will tell you that it's going to be 45+ minutes for delivery, but it always arrives sooner... Guess they're trying to cover their backsides in case it takes a while!

Basically, they're lovely!

Review by: JeniJay       Submitted: 08/09/2011 18:54


After eating in the restaurant many times, was really dissapointed with th takeaway that we had. The food was poor and luke warm. However i do still go to eat in the restaurant which remains good quality just dont think they should offer out deliveries as cant maintain the standard.

Review by: ollieben       Submitted: 08/08/2011 16:32

Delivery time problem

Good food. But do not trust their delivery times, if you are dog walkers or live life by the clock.

We were told 50 minutes until the dinner arrived, and planned accordingly. Unbelievably, it arrived some 20-25 minutes later.

Review by: Rob       Submitted: 22/01/2011 19:22

Happy Dragon Inn review

I ordered a set meal for 2 and I was happy with the quality and service of the food, plus, a lot of food was delivered (enough for 2 plates each, could easily feed 3), A great choice, oh and the price aint bad either!

Review by: Marcuss41       Submitted: 07/10/2010 18:44
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