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Ordered a takeaway end of December 2016. Spent £32 ended up throwing most away. The combination platter for £7 was all piled on top of each other in a metal container, the butterfly prawns inside at the bottom were limp and slimy and the ribs on top not edible. Cant understand because we have often eat at Mr Hau's other restaurant and enjoyed the food. Perhaps the regular chef had the night off. Wont be going back.

Review by: grumpymike       Submitted: 15/01/2017 11:19

Disgusting service -

Ordered meal using the online service with specified delivery time. 15 minutes after meal was due and still no sign I phoned to be told that the order was not in the kitchen yet by an extremely rude member of staff. No apologies given. I won't recommend using this take away unless you want you food at least an hour late

Review by: Rusti101       Submitted: 23/12/2013 22:27


Good food!

Review by: Apple       Submitted: 26/06/2013 20:54

very disappointing

absolutely disgusting we waited over an hour and half for cold food soggy chips and the sweet and sour sauce was absolutly awful i would not recomend this take away we would not revist mr haus ever again we would rather go without!!!! never ever again

Review by: 1123       Submitted: 27/10/2012 20:13

A large disappointment.

I'm not particularly critical of takeaway and fast food, as it is what it is. Quick and easy. But what I received from Hau's Oriental Express was of a lesser quality than I would even expect to find stuck to a pan following a night on the beers.

It was truly dreadful and simply not worth even half of the money it cost me.

I have actually warned people of the garbage I received, and until I hear otherwise, I shall be staying far, far away.

Review by: Nick       Submitted: 24/06/2012 16:44

£24.00 down the drain

Food cold chips had been reheated grispy chilli beef was not grispy chilli beef.Was really,disappointed with the meal.will not have it again.

Review by: steve       Submitted: 12/09/2011 19:37
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